Friday, August 21, 2015

Life would be so dull without them

I was listening to a song this morning on my way to work. BV had sent it to me some time last year (or was it this year?). It got me thinking about all the friends I had till date. I realized that though there were many over the years that I could connect with, there are less than 2 hands full that I can count as real good friends, the ones I can really depend upon when I need to be myself and breathe. My pillars of support don't stay in the same place as I do but I sure hope to meet each one through the years and we stay connected for longer than ever.

Thanks to social networking apps and sites, I've been able to get in touch with a few classmates from school and college. It was highly amusing to note the girl who was everyone's favorite, and had her head a wee bit more in the clouds looking down at us lesser mortals, had become more grounded. The awkward girl who frowned at short skirts and was embarrassed by discussions of boys and all matters related in high school has bloomed into this sophisticated polished lady who can now shock the pants of a guy. Some of the silent observers now talk a lot. And 1 of them shocked me as I hardly remember her voice from school. She was this quiet little mouse I remember would only smile but had these eyes that kind of pulled you in. Some haven't changed much. Just taller, plumper versions of ourselves. In all, I think my classmates are a nice lot who turned out well. And yes, they have turned into a friend circle. Well maybe not the bare-it-all kinda girl pals but the ones with whom you can express most of your thoughts and get straight feedback from.

To friends who have come and gone, I wouldn't be me without them either.

And BV if you are reading this, a true friend is meant to be. Cheers and thank you for being one to me.

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