Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm reading it

Got the e-book version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a few days before I got the proper book copy in hand. Thanks to a colleague I can now read the book during all those odd and snatched bits of time.

I've reached the portion about Harry, Ron and Hermione reaching Hogwarts. Decided to take a break, complete some work and blog a bit too :)

Monday evening I discovered that my diet didn't let me lose any weight. I hadn't gained any either. Still weighing 79 kgs on the Dr. K's weighing scale.

Getting the book on Monday evening did help me get a good start on the final story.

Tuesday, read the book very little.

Wednesday, the day I had to undergo Cross Culture Sensitivity training. Eating food with a fork and knife has never attracted me. I discovered why. It felt as uncomfortable as it looked. Had a trip down 'GUILT' lane since I had to eat paneer, rice and a yummy chocolate pastry as a part of the training. Was able to avoid bread and butter.

This morning the library system has suddenly started working fine and sent out library reminders. I think Jeethy's hands on the machine yesterday helped.

Got to keep some certificates for Scholars ready.

Monday, July 23, 2007

At Udupi and Haleangadi

Reached Udupi on Friday night. As usual Amrith had come down to Mangalore to pick Joel and me. Had a quick dinner at home and set off. Reached Udupi in good time even though the roads weren't any better and we had to stop to buy Joel a packet of biscuits.

The plan on Friday night was to have breakfast at Diana of Sat morning. But that somehow got cancelled out since most of us woke up late. After a latish breakfast, Amrith set off to college. Ajit, Julie and I didn't do much. I had a bad cold. Joel and Keziah set off playing and writing some stuff on paper.

By lunch time, Amrith was back. Ajit and Julie were packed and left by 1:00 p.m. to catch the Matsyagandha at 1.:35 pm. Came to know from Amrith later that the train was delayed by about 20 minutes.

The afternoon was spent just catching up on sleep. Woke and went to get the much needed waxing and pampering that I wanted.

Sunday morning, went for mass. And then set off for Haleangadi to Richie uncle's place. Picked up Mai, Reena, Dilisha, Errol and Eric on the way. Had a fun time there. Wimpy and Deepak uncle joined in just as we sat down for lunch. It was nice being there once more and watch the kids go nuts on their cycles and play some games which I couldn't figure out.

It was felt good talking to Richie uncle after such a long time.

After lunch dropped Wimpy at the bus stop to Moodbidri and then Dilisha and Mai at Mai's place. The puppy and the goats there got Joel pretty excited. It was fun hearing him calling out to the goats as 'Bo-ki-di'. Started back to Urwa.

After dropping Joel at home in Urwa, went to Baby Town, picked up a baby gift and set off to Brian's place. Veena looked well after the delivery. The baby girl looked tiny, cute and as fierce as Brian :)

After that short visit, a step into the cyber cafe to check on some property sites and a meal at Yo! China.

Friday, July 20, 2007

You talk too much

This statement was made just as I got of the local bus with another Infoscion. It reminded me of my kindergarten days. My class teacher said I talk too much. It also was a neat comment on my progress card.

The only addition this time was: You talk too much for a librarian. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things I forgot to blog about earlier

I did meet Sangeeta last Saturday. She had a very busy morning and I had to take her around. The last time I saw her before moving to Udupi was after her haircut.

A further update from this morning:
The straps on the pair of shoes I keep in the office too broke too. That's 2 pairs in just one day!

Mera Joota hai Japani

Alright, it's not 'Japani'. It's very much Indian made, bought during the visit to Mumbai during Dec 2006 and has been quite a relief for my feet especially when i had to walk distances.

This morning while commuting to the office by the local bus, I'm not sure what I did that the toe holder snapped. Getting down from the bus was awkward. And then I was stuck with a choice. Take a rickshaw, go home, wear a new pair and come back OR just walk into the office and wear the spare footwear I keep and hope that
1. the spare pair doesn't do something similar
2. I find a cobbler to fix the broken pair

Chose option 2. I'm so grateful that the flooring in the office is sparkling clean that I could take of my shoes once inside the building and walk barefeet to my desk.

I hope to read this some time later when I've forgotten such an incident happened and have a hearty laugh at my predicament this morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goodbye Samsung. Hello Nokia. :)

My Samsung E730 finally breathed its last this morning after a full power recharge. Although I did get sufficient warning signals from the phone last week, I never believed it would die on me so soon.
I've had a lovely time with this phone. Starting with a few months after Joel's birth till date, I've been using it's camera and memory slots to keep my set of memories alive in digital format. Keeping in touch via phone calls, listening music and the 200 sms's space too have been used to maximum benefit. That's not all, Joel has drooled over it and chewed it and whacked it on floor and used it as a floor scrubber on numerous occassions. And it still had the will to stay alive.

I guess this morning was the last straw when Joel used it like his toy draggy around the place with the cell charger attached to it. It just couldn't take it anymore. Sigh! I'm going to miss the phone a lot.

Since I have to stay 'in touch' and be 'available' constantly, by this afternoon I purchased the Nokia 3110.
I'd seen this phone last Saturday with Amrith. Loved this basic model which had the bare minimum I required i.e. An FM Radio, Camera, Bluetooth and MP3 player. All this for a reasonable cost of Rs. 6550. Although the internal memory is just 9 MB, I plan to upgrade by next month to 1 GB. And yes, data cable and Nokia suite is something I look forward to too :)

Oh boy! I'm excited. I hope this phone proves sturdy for a longer time than my Samsung did. Let the good times begin :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This and that

The weekend was nice and fun on the whole. It was good to see Keziah again. I'm sure Joel enjoyed having her around too. Wish I could have a few more days off and just sit at home with her. She's a sweet heart.

Ajit, Acha and Julie went to Gandhi Hospital to get the executive profile. Thanks to Acha's 'vast' knowledge, they got a few basic minimum things done. Executive profile is still unheard of in most of Udupi today save the TMA Pai and KMC hospitals.

Ajit looks well. Came to know from Amrith that his reports came out pretty clean. I'm glad.

Acha's and Julie's reports too are clear.

Back from Udupi last evening. The drive back to Mangalore was filled with a lot of insights from Amrith. As it is, the conversation between Ajit and Julie over lunch on Sunday was a little shocking for me. I expected them to have a cosy comfortable marriage. But it kind of looks otherwise. All in all, I'm beginning to dislike false pretenses. I hope I can stay the way I am with no hang-ups and pretenses and I also hope that Amrith too shares the same thoughts.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Here comes the weekend

Sis has shifted to Bangalore yesterday. She'll be home tomorrow. I hope to meet her during the weekend. If not, missed opportunity.

I'm most probably staying at home in Udupi on Monday. Hope that time is sufficient to get Joel and Kezu reacquainted. With Ajit and Julie around, I hope that all's well and my temper and tongue are kept in constant check.

On the workfront, Anitha's getting a transfer to Mysore, finally! I can't figure out why, what, how of what's happened till date with her. Should enlighten my boss that he needs to be a lot more careful and prepared in his dealing with everyone. Got informal feedback from a project person that he cuts a very sorry figure. This morning one more person wasn't very happy that he was anchoring Minfy Scholars.

I'd like to defend the guy but he makes it impossible for anyone to stay happy with him.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getting better

And why wouldn't I? A visit to my doc on Monday evening showed that I had lost 4 kgs. I don't feel the loss and definitely don't look like I've lost much. But what the heck, the diet's paying off.

Another 2 weeks of sticking to the same thing before another visit. During these 2 weeks, the only additional items I can have are 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a pear, blueberries and butter fruit. Don't know what the last 2 items look like. Should stop by Niligiris and check.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Getting there

Pretty close to the end of my 2 week diet. Coming Monday I visit Dr. K and find out what's in store for me next. Glad the weighing scale showed me back on my original weight of 83 kgs. It said 84 till last evening. Which means, on Dr. K's weighing I would be 82. Good.

Have been in touch with Seafarer, Copywritrix, Mumbai Call Guy and Hyd chap during this week. Glad to hear that they are doing well except for Seafarer. He lost his voice due to his treatment for the mouth ulcer (or was it cancer!). But then, in his words, the rest of him is still fine and working great.

That does bring my thoughts to the other thing which 3 of these friends share in common - an active interest and sex life. Seafarer's married with children who are on the verge of adulthood. Copywritrix, the sweet heart kind of guy, is single and too buried in his work. Mumbai Call guy, single too and I think his age and hormones don't help his control and will power much.

All's the same and usual in the rest of my world short for mom snapping at me again for somethng I found totally weird. I think it's her menopause symptoms at work again.

Time to begin my day.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The diet has begun

After finding a blood sugar level higher than the accepted, and insulin levels low on fasting, the health conscious diet has begun since last Monday. Broke the rule once last evening to gobble a small Snickers bar. Couldn't resist. Had been craving for something sweet to eat.