Monday, November 07, 2005

It's another day

It's been a while.. and then some. Had a nice work week.. 4 days of holidays, followed by 2 work days and then another 3 holidays. Wow! I love working in these conditions. I hate it though when i had to spend the 3 holidays in the office.

Not that I was in the whole time, but life just existed between going home to Joel and coming back to my comp at work.

The only good thing that happened during this time is that Amrith was in town. Joel learnt to sit and I'm pretty happy that I got some time together with both of them. Family!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


After much memory searching, I was unable to remember the login id to this site. It's just today I discovered that the site offers a way to recover the username and password by submitting the email id. Fed in mine, hoping it was the right one. A minute later, I figured out that it was the right email id. (I've got 5 I actively operate)

now that i'm back in here and know the way back in here, shall blog in earnest during November or mebbe, just mebbe before this month end

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

first blog on blogspot

for lack of time, i'm just typing out my thots as they come to mind.

already have a blog existing on yahoo. that's dedicated to my son. this one - i haven't decided yet. once i do, will start blogging in earnest.

in the meanwhile, thanks for your patient reading!

have a nice morning/day/evening/night! <- depends on what time u land up reading this!

just noticed that i'll have to change the time.. to keep adjusted to the IST (Indian Standard Time)