Monday, September 14, 2009

Some noise

There’s much going on. And I’m too tied up with things at work and home to take a break and write a post. I don’t like breaks in a blog. And mine’s got plenty showing up more frequent than not.


@ Work:

-          J goes on Mat leave by end of Sep. Already started taking care of few of her activities. Doesn’t help when appraisals are close and so are the certification deadlines.

-          Just 2 more things to wrap up on library front. And then it’s a little bit of peace. I hope to complete them all before the coming weekend arrives.

-          D is back from her leave. Worried about her more often than not. I pray that she has the strength to face each day with the same calm that she shows externally. She’s too nice a person to have suffered and gone through so much.

-          SV seems to be changing a few feathers. Hope this is for the good. And not just for a rating.

-          A’s feet seldom touch planet earth. Even if she is on earth, she’s more in Hyderabad or Singapore. :)


@ Home:

-          Baby Leah is fast. Fast in picking up a lot of stuff when compared to her brother. She’s already walking within 10 months. And she’s a bundle of energy my parents can’t keep up with now. :(

o   Leah’s managed to get stuck in difficult-to-pull-out-from spaces

o   She’s protective of her bro. She scolded my dad once when he scolded Joel

o   She tries to imitate my dad’s tone when he calls out to Chocky the dog

o   Her current interest is climbing up the stairs and has managed to get over all the obstacles placed before her to reach there. I’m proud and worried about her.

o   And she’s a constant source of amusement with her hide and seek game of holding a shawl or cloth to hide her face.

-          Joel the Kindergarten Level 1 boy is all smiles when he has to go to school. The part he doesn’t like is waking up. Leah manages to get him in the mood if she’s awake before him. He’s learnt so much that my head spins when I have to read through his school diary ‘portions for the month’ section.

o   He’s managed to make Leah cry as much as she makes him

o   He loves to do his homework as soon as he’s home

o   He still is unable to pronounce ‘R’ though the efforts are more obvious from his side now

o   He prefers speaking in English at home now. My dad’s going to have a fit :)

o   He is now Abu’s, mama’s and Leah’s boy. Nanna and Thethu will figure in later I guess.

o   He misses his dad and Uncle V a lot. Though speaking to them and watching them on the comp tickle him to bits.



-          Don’t know what to do with the bee.

-          I don’t have a life of my own anymore. I’m not sorry about this. Just miss it once in a while.

-          Thank God for friends and thank God for icecreams, pastries, biscuits, vegetables and bread. Amen!