Monday, June 30, 2008

Silence broken

It’s been a long break from blogs. There’ve been many things happening alright. Just that I don’t feel like blogging about them all. Here’s what I do want to remember.


Pregnancy: So far all’s well. The tiredness doesn’t seem to go away much. I’m usually nursing a cold. Transitions from one month to another have been a little more pleasant this time round thanks to Blood sugar tests done on fasting show that I don’t have diabetes. My baby’s scan report too shows that all’s well. Last visit to the doc was about 2 months from previous visit. Not good. This time got a tetanus shot, given a change in medication and advised to do the Triple Marker test. Report of this test will be available on approaching Friday. In the meanwhile, keeping my senses on full alert to feel this baby’s movement.


Work: The month of May started with a visit to vendors in Bangalore. Couldn’t visit all of them. But no regrets. I had a good time. Could spend a little time with Sangi on her birthday. And for the rest of the time was bugging BV. Thanks to him, moving around in Bangalore was comfortable, right down to the time I thought I’d miss my train. The guy was ecstatic that he’d have me around for one more day if that did happen. Ah well! That was not to be and I was back in Mangalore facing the heat and humidity after 3 days of cool Bangalore weather.


Most of May and June taught me that I shouldn’t expect much from my colleagues and boss. Reality hit pretty hard. It’s like all the masks came off and I was really shocked at their attitudes and behaviours. Thank God for Anitha and Deepthi. They were really supportive to get me thinking straight. We stuck together pretty much all of the time. We still do. Though I tend to fall off more often than not.


Home: Amrith’s had a change of jobs. From teaching in a college in Udupi to teaching in a boutique hotel named Gold Finch in Mangalore. Good move for him since he wanted to get back into operations. A couple of years here and then he can jump into something better and more rewarding financially. Joel’s doing great. Back to school and cute as ever. Acha’s well. And back to his old ways. I wish he’d keep his interfering ways for his older son and daughter-in-law. Of late getting into arguments with him more often than not. Mom, dad, Vivek are fine. Sangi’s going to be saying goodbye to her Infy BPO job by mid-July. After that it’d be back to St. Agnes and higher studies for her.The flat has had a change of residents. Goodbye to the 3 lady Infoscions. Welcome 4 male Infoscions. These guys seem like a pretty decent lot. Glad that they aren’t giving headaches like the girls did. Hope that if these have to move out, the next lot is as pleasant.