Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sep 2006: MInfy 11 and Infy 25

Finally got this photograph from HR after a long wait and a few reminders. This was taken after the big bash we had for celebrating MInfy 11 and Infy 25 at the Convention Centre (T.M.A Pai) in September 2006.

That's Anshu, me, Mukesh Pancholi, Shads guy, Rahul Vaidya, Navaneeth and Pavana. Mukesh and Rahul were contestants for the first Indian Idol.

Man! it's been 3 months since I last fit into those jeans. I need to lose those extra inches I gained FAST!

Monday, December 04, 2006

A few more snaps of the Parba 2006

The Rangoli at the entrance to lifts

One of the 2 exhibits

The yummy lunch

Karavali Parba 2006


Rithesh had a swell time dressed up as Devendra. He was the colorful attraction of the day. Never seen a chap so enthu as him to get painted and stuffed as he was that day. Minfy sure has got a lovely person here.

Jeethy, me and Girish

We were part of the welcome committee. Jeethy's one of the 2 people from my dept. The other is Thanu who's on maternity leave. Waiting for her to get back to work. Would love to see her daugher too :)

Usha, Sangeetha, Divya

A few more colleagues and a friend. These 3 ladies make playing throwball interesting. Breaks from work with them send me back with a refreshed mind and attitude.