Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Deep's wedding reception

Got this pic today from Deep. Remembered her wedding reception in Mumbai and the reception here in Mangalore once again. Miss you Deep. Have a real good solid married life together with Lovy :)


From L to R: Veena Bhat, Anuja, Sachin, Lovy, Deep, Thanuja & Stuti, Leah and Joel with me, Nitish (at the back) and Jeethy

Monday, February 08, 2010

Leah at her first Petit Infoscion Day

This year's Petit Infoscion theme was the Jungle. After thinking about umpteen things for Leah's costume, finally decided to make her look like the cute Jungle Babe. Here she is :)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Finding bliss in an ice cream cone :D

Ideals icecreams are famous in Mangalore and then they became famous world over. Thanks to the Mangalorean word of mouth.

@ Work: 2 days of continuous stock checking and adding certification manuals to the library system has got me feeling like a brainless idiot. Tried keeping the local FM stations on just to get me going through the day. Hope to have some music playing when I can here.

Heard that Lourdes is charging 25k this year as donation for KG - 1. That’s quite a shocker for me since I paid 10k lesser for Joel’s admissions. Pantry discussions included fees and donations during the good old days to what it would be like for the current set and next set of kids. Talking about hikes, milk prices increased by Rs. 3 a packet. I dread what that’s going to do to all the those lovely pastries and ice creams I enjoy every other day. I don’t take milk in any other form. :(

2 days ago, I could have had a fracture while riding to work and I could have lost my eye while heating some food at home. I don’t mind staying away from the cooking. But I definitely don’t want to stop riding. The one thing that I still hope to enjoy till I can. Maybe I should take those near accidents as signs of leaving stock checks to others :)

@ Home: Amrith’s failed his driving tests twice by 2 marks each time. God bless him when he gets through and gets his license. Joel’s become very ‘chipku’ to me. Every afternoon is a heart wrenching explanation time to a tearful Joel about why I have to go to work and can’t stay at home. Leah’s not too bothered. It’s usually her time to take an afternoon nap is pretty happy to be in bed with Nanna.

Thethu has topped her class again this semester. She’s also got a scholarship from some Agnesian Old Students group situated in… um.. I don’t remember. Either way, she’s got some extra cash which I hope she puts to good use instead of blowing it on her friends. Vivek’s big box of chocolates are still sitting in the fridge upstairs. Too lazy to go up and have one every afternoon. Nice place to store them. Thethu doesn’t eat them and I’m too lazy to touch them.