Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Projects at school

Schools assign projects to students. I think we have some way to go before it becomes age appropriate projects.

For now, parents get graded.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Puking some more thoughts virtually!

What's the point of being vocal on virtual media? It doesn't show or capture reality completely but just those bits and pieces of what a person or an institution wants to show.

Do virtual campaigns work other than bring to notice an event or catastrophe or a deeply personal trauma? With more people on the internet, I guess education of masses is more a by-product. In the end, don't we have to go back to actual reality and deal with it? We still need to do so much more.

Every Monday

A new day. A start to the work week. And I'm all ready to jump back into bed and stay there till it's over.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Feeling lost amidst all the people and noise around me. Trying to find an anchor.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Being a 10 year old is not easy

Joel got into his first physical fight yesterday. As in some disagreements, it started with a game rule/strategy disagreement, which led to more words, heated exchanges, head whacks, shoves, pushes and a head (Joel's) getting knocked into a pole.

I'm relieved that neither of the boys in the fight had any severe injury. I'm upset that this incident took place.

A culmination of feelings, upbringing, circumstances and of course their own understanding of how to deal with, what they perceived as, injustice is what I learned from the whole incident. I tried to recollect about what I did as a 10 year old and gather wisdom from that time. I remembered a few fights that I got into and the injustice I felt that was meted out to me. I recollected what my parents did. I'm glad I haven't lost my cool with my son (as my mom did with me) but yes, he was given a piece of mind softly but firmly.

The other kid didn't have it so easy. This morning I was heartbroken to see him in his shell, trying to disappear, crying. I hope that I was able to soothe his hurt feelings, of being yelled at by his mom, a bit by expressing that even though upset his mother still loved him just as much as I loved Joel. Neither of us were happy about yesterday but it would be great if the incident didn't occur again. Have good healthy fun and try resolving issues with words rather than physical fights.

Worried about what the future holds for my children. Not worried on the front that I will be with my children to guide them to being better individuals and spread a positive presence.

Joel has gone to school smiling and hopefully with a friend for life.

Sometimes things happen to open your eyes to what you have been blind to. I'm glad and thank God, that He opened mine. I have 2 beautiful souls in my hands. I hope and pray that I can help keep that beauty intact.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Yesterday my daughter 6 had a bad day at school, thanks to 2 incidents that she never expected to happen to her.

In the first one, the teacher denied her request to go to the bathroom thrice. She landed up wetting herself and staying in the soiled clothes till she came home.

The next incident makes me wonder at the teacher's ability to handle students.

I do understand that every teacher is a human being first, and goes through a whole taxing process of handling multiple issues as best possible, trying to balance expectations and delivering the education that needs to reach young minds. So I really do understand why a teacher could snap. Young kids aren't easy to teach. So what's a teacher's reason to whack a kid who is not a troublemaker?

Monday, August 24, 2015

I hope for a better tomorrow

Not much has changed when it comes to school. The texts they made students read when I was in school put me to sleep. The texts and notes that my kids have to go through today have the same effect on me.

Waiting for the day when education is learning to read, write, do basic maths and then move on to life skills that each human being should be equipped with.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Life would be so dull without them

I was listening to a song this morning on my way to work. BV had sent it to me some time last year (or was it this year?). It got me thinking about all the friends I had till date. I realized that though there were many over the years that I could connect with, there are less than 2 hands full that I can count as real good friends, the ones I can really depend upon when I need to be myself and breathe. My pillars of support don't stay in the same place as I do but I sure hope to meet each one through the years and we stay connected for longer than ever.

Thanks to social networking apps and sites, I've been able to get in touch with a few classmates from school and college. It was highly amusing to note the girl who was everyone's favorite, and had her head a wee bit more in the clouds looking down at us lesser mortals, had become more grounded. The awkward girl who frowned at short skirts and was embarrassed by discussions of boys and all matters related in high school has bloomed into this sophisticated polished lady who can now shock the pants of a guy. Some of the silent observers now talk a lot. And 1 of them shocked me as I hardly remember her voice from school. She was this quiet little mouse I remember would only smile but had these eyes that kind of pulled you in. Some haven't changed much. Just taller, plumper versions of ourselves. In all, I think my classmates are a nice lot who turned out well. And yes, they have turned into a friend circle. Well maybe not the bare-it-all kinda girl pals but the ones with whom you can express most of your thoughts and get straight feedback from.

To friends who have come and gone, I wouldn't be me without them either.

And BV if you are reading this, a true friend is meant to be. Cheers and thank you for being one to me.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


At Indiana Hospital this morning, on watch for Uncle M who has to undergo a cataract operation. While waiting for him to be wheeled to the O. T., we watched the 'first' news of today. Most of the reports for an hour were about ladies who had been injured or abused or killed in molestation cases and men who were yet to be brought to justice.

This sparked off a discussion on who what why of situations as usual. (Natural way of life for most Indians when they see or listen to 'news'.) 

What worries me is irrespective of genders, a child and woman is no more safe today. A rapist (again irrespective of gender), should be given the severest punishment. I don't like the death penalthy much. However I think life long quarantine can serve a good deal here with limited human contact with a stack of pro life and pro respect to each human being materials shoved into their face everyday.

Would that amount to mental torture? At least they are alive and breathing and not living in shell that may close down on them at any moment. No panic attacks. No mistrust to face. All physical well being taken care of.

But yes, life long isolation should do marvels. Maybe take them out in the sunshine once a year for an hour.

Why should I live in fear that some person might harm me or my kids!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where to from here?

I have been at my current workplace ever since Oct 2000. With the constant juggling of trying to strike a balance, what I now know is enough to tell my kids to change jobs every 4 years. The rest of the wisdom may or may not be applicable to them.
What I learnt for myself is:
  • Don't ever get comfortable being in one place unless that's where you want to be till you retire.
  • Make a conscious decision to pursue what you want and learn to live with the consequences of your choice.
  • Making friends through life helps. A LOT! At work too, you need friends to get you through those rough phases and of course to enjoy those good moments too.
  • Follow your heart. But make sure your head is in the right place before you let your heart take the reins.
  • Make your own mistakes. Don't make mine or someone else's. If you do happen to do so, well I told you so. Now you know! (Typical immature selfish me speaking here!)
  • Do what you love to do and make it pay for you.
  • Most of all, be you. No one can take you away from you unless you let them. Change for the better always.
(Blogging is not a remedy for chasing drowsiness away).

Monday, August 17, 2015

5 years

Didn't actually realise that it was 5 years since I last used this space.

To capture moments and the essence of these years, at the moment, looks like a huge task. Let's see ..
- my parents are older,
- new relationships appear, a few relationships gone cold,
- my children are no more babies (though they loved being called 'my babies' :-)),
- role change at work but not much difference in what I do,
- the urge to get away from routine is stronger,
- I have a new phone (yes, again. This one gifted to me though),
- more reading on gadgets than books and paper,
- discovering things to do with what most of us would consider waste
- meet ups and reunions
- more birthdays and occassions to remember
- trying to balance virtual social and professional networks (sorry state I've reached)
- I became an aunt to the 2 of the most cute little boys, godmother to one of them
- Facebook has a way of reminding you what you did in your past years. So happy it is not a confessional. Imagine your sins being thrown back in your face for all the world to see. *scary*
- older, wiser, a lot more to hug, a teeny weensy bit more philosophical, termed a 'firebrand', back to dabbling in art craft and music

This is not all of it. Definitely not going to treat this space as a public confessional. The exercise has made me realise a few things which I believe have strenthened me over time. Did I mention shorter temper fuse? ;-)

Digital synching in progress

It's been a long time since I stepped in here. Remembered this little space of mine after I started catching up with friends through their posts online. I still have a long way to go. For now this is my first attempt at restarting. Hoping to be regularly penning my thoughts down.