Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Yesterday my daughter 6 had a bad day at school, thanks to 2 incidents that she never expected to happen to her.

In the first one, the teacher denied her request to go to the bathroom thrice. She landed up wetting herself and staying in the soiled clothes till she came home.

The next incident makes me wonder at the teacher's ability to handle students.

I do understand that every teacher is a human being first, and goes through a whole taxing process of handling multiple issues as best possible, trying to balance expectations and delivering the education that needs to reach young minds. So I really do understand why a teacher could snap. Young kids aren't easy to teach. So what's a teacher's reason to whack a kid who is not a troublemaker?


Vicky Dada said...

Just like how we professionals in other fields are finding it tough to achieve work-life balance, it seems the same is happening with teachers too. Personal challenges tend to disturb their personalities and they can't stop bringing it to their workplace(which is the school). Gone are the days of the 'guru and his gurukul' where giving knowledge would be part and parcel of a teacher's every breath. Teaching is just a 'profession' just like any else, and teachers are also thinking about pay hikes, good ratings, promotions, just like the rest of us working class.

The problem of teachers not able to deal with kids' hyperactive behaviours is commonplace today. As I teach moral philosophy, I have a request from a school principal to take a class for her teachers on how to discipline students without being hard on them (i.e. without punishment). I am still clueless about what I can present!

Veena said...

I believe teachers are hired by schools only if they've completed their training. If the curriculum is age old in today's world, I can empathise and sympathise with the teacher. But I doubt that's so. And I know for a fact that this school sends its teachers for various seminars and workshops related to teaching and handling students.

Such being the case, why take up the teaching profession when you can't go beyond your line of being a salaried individual? I hold it in the highest regard, much higher than doctors because it's the teacher who can make or mar your beliefs and can help build or break your character.