Thursday, August 20, 2015


At Indiana Hospital this morning, on watch for Uncle M who has to undergo a cataract operation. While waiting for him to be wheeled to the O. T., we watched the 'first' news of today. Most of the reports for an hour were about ladies who had been injured or abused or killed in molestation cases and men who were yet to be brought to justice.

This sparked off a discussion on who what why of situations as usual. (Natural way of life for most Indians when they see or listen to 'news'.) 

What worries me is irrespective of genders, a child and woman is no more safe today. A rapist (again irrespective of gender), should be given the severest punishment. I don't like the death penalthy much. However I think life long quarantine can serve a good deal here with limited human contact with a stack of pro life and pro respect to each human being materials shoved into their face everyday.

Would that amount to mental torture? At least they are alive and breathing and not living in shell that may close down on them at any moment. No panic attacks. No mistrust to face. All physical well being taken care of.

But yes, life long isolation should do marvels. Maybe take them out in the sunshine once a year for an hour.

Why should I live in fear that some person might harm me or my kids!

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