Friday, August 28, 2015

Being a 10 year old is not easy

Joel got into his first physical fight yesterday. As in some disagreements, it started with a game rule/strategy disagreement, which led to more words, heated exchanges, head whacks, shoves, pushes and a head (Joel's) getting knocked into a pole.

I'm relieved that neither of the boys in the fight had any severe injury. I'm upset that this incident took place.

A culmination of feelings, upbringing, circumstances and of course their own understanding of how to deal with, what they perceived as, injustice is what I learned from the whole incident. I tried to recollect about what I did as a 10 year old and gather wisdom from that time. I remembered a few fights that I got into and the injustice I felt that was meted out to me. I recollected what my parents did. I'm glad I haven't lost my cool with my son (as my mom did with me) but yes, he was given a piece of mind softly but firmly.

The other kid didn't have it so easy. This morning I was heartbroken to see him in his shell, trying to disappear, crying. I hope that I was able to soothe his hurt feelings, of being yelled at by his mom, a bit by expressing that even though upset his mother still loved him just as much as I loved Joel. Neither of us were happy about yesterday but it would be great if the incident didn't occur again. Have good healthy fun and try resolving issues with words rather than physical fights.

Worried about what the future holds for my children. Not worried on the front that I will be with my children to guide them to being better individuals and spread a positive presence.

Joel has gone to school smiling and hopefully with a friend for life.

Sometimes things happen to open your eyes to what you have been blind to. I'm glad and thank God, that He opened mine. I have 2 beautiful souls in my hands. I hope and pray that I can help keep that beauty intact.

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