Monday, August 17, 2015

5 years

Didn't actually realise that it was 5 years since I last used this space.

To capture moments and the essence of these years, at the moment, looks like a huge task. Let's see ..
- my parents are older,
- new relationships appear, a few relationships gone cold,
- my children are no more babies (though they loved being called 'my babies' :-)),
- role change at work but not much difference in what I do,
- the urge to get away from routine is stronger,
- I have a new phone (yes, again. This one gifted to me though),
- more reading on gadgets than books and paper,
- discovering things to do with what most of us would consider waste
- meet ups and reunions
- more birthdays and occassions to remember
- trying to balance virtual social and professional networks (sorry state I've reached)
- I became an aunt to the 2 of the most cute little boys, godmother to one of them
- Facebook has a way of reminding you what you did in your past years. So happy it is not a confessional. Imagine your sins being thrown back in your face for all the world to see. *scary*
- older, wiser, a lot more to hug, a teeny weensy bit more philosophical, termed a 'firebrand', back to dabbling in art craft and music

This is not all of it. Definitely not going to treat this space as a public confessional. The exercise has made me realise a few things which I believe have strenthened me over time. Did I mention shorter temper fuse? ;-)


Vicky Dada said...

I wonder if shortening temper fuse (as age builds up) is a symptom of a much deeper agitation. Maybe a strong sense of dissatisfaction about the way our life has shaped up and the inability to change it - the inability the accept ourselves - is making us project our own self-anger on to the world?

Veena said...

Perhaps in most cases. My particular case is the frustration of having to wait till it's my turn to put my plans in action.