Monday, December 04, 2006

Karavali Parba 2006


Rithesh had a swell time dressed up as Devendra. He was the colorful attraction of the day. Never seen a chap so enthu as him to get painted and stuffed as he was that day. Minfy sure has got a lovely person here.

Jeethy, me and Girish

We were part of the welcome committee. Jeethy's one of the 2 people from my dept. The other is Thanu who's on maternity leave. Waiting for her to get back to work. Would love to see her daugher too :)

Usha, Sangeetha, Divya

A few more colleagues and a friend. These 3 ladies make playing throwball interesting. Breaks from work with them send me back with a refreshed mind and attitude.

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