Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This and that

The weekend was nice and fun on the whole. It was good to see Keziah again. I'm sure Joel enjoyed having her around too. Wish I could have a few more days off and just sit at home with her. She's a sweet heart.

Ajit, Acha and Julie went to Gandhi Hospital to get the executive profile. Thanks to Acha's 'vast' knowledge, they got a few basic minimum things done. Executive profile is still unheard of in most of Udupi today save the TMA Pai and KMC hospitals.

Ajit looks well. Came to know from Amrith that his reports came out pretty clean. I'm glad.

Acha's and Julie's reports too are clear.

Back from Udupi last evening. The drive back to Mangalore was filled with a lot of insights from Amrith. As it is, the conversation between Ajit and Julie over lunch on Sunday was a little shocking for me. I expected them to have a cosy comfortable marriage. But it kind of looks otherwise. All in all, I'm beginning to dislike false pretenses. I hope I can stay the way I am with no hang-ups and pretenses and I also hope that Amrith too shares the same thoughts.

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