Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goodbye Samsung. Hello Nokia. :)

My Samsung E730 finally breathed its last this morning after a full power recharge. Although I did get sufficient warning signals from the phone last week, I never believed it would die on me so soon.
I've had a lovely time with this phone. Starting with a few months after Joel's birth till date, I've been using it's camera and memory slots to keep my set of memories alive in digital format. Keeping in touch via phone calls, listening music and the 200 sms's space too have been used to maximum benefit. That's not all, Joel has drooled over it and chewed it and whacked it on floor and used it as a floor scrubber on numerous occassions. And it still had the will to stay alive.

I guess this morning was the last straw when Joel used it like his toy draggy around the place with the cell charger attached to it. It just couldn't take it anymore. Sigh! I'm going to miss the phone a lot.

Since I have to stay 'in touch' and be 'available' constantly, by this afternoon I purchased the Nokia 3110.
I'd seen this phone last Saturday with Amrith. Loved this basic model which had the bare minimum I required i.e. An FM Radio, Camera, Bluetooth and MP3 player. All this for a reasonable cost of Rs. 6550. Although the internal memory is just 9 MB, I plan to upgrade by next month to 1 GB. And yes, data cable and Nokia suite is something I look forward to too :)

Oh boy! I'm excited. I hope this phone proves sturdy for a longer time than my Samsung did. Let the good times begin :)

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