Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mera Joota hai Japani

Alright, it's not 'Japani'. It's very much Indian made, bought during the visit to Mumbai during Dec 2006 and has been quite a relief for my feet especially when i had to walk distances.

This morning while commuting to the office by the local bus, I'm not sure what I did that the toe holder snapped. Getting down from the bus was awkward. And then I was stuck with a choice. Take a rickshaw, go home, wear a new pair and come back OR just walk into the office and wear the spare footwear I keep and hope that
1. the spare pair doesn't do something similar
2. I find a cobbler to fix the broken pair

Chose option 2. I'm so grateful that the flooring in the office is sparkling clean that I could take of my shoes once inside the building and walk barefeet to my desk.

I hope to read this some time later when I've forgotten such an incident happened and have a hearty laugh at my predicament this morning.

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