Monday, July 23, 2007

At Udupi and Haleangadi

Reached Udupi on Friday night. As usual Amrith had come down to Mangalore to pick Joel and me. Had a quick dinner at home and set off. Reached Udupi in good time even though the roads weren't any better and we had to stop to buy Joel a packet of biscuits.

The plan on Friday night was to have breakfast at Diana of Sat morning. But that somehow got cancelled out since most of us woke up late. After a latish breakfast, Amrith set off to college. Ajit, Julie and I didn't do much. I had a bad cold. Joel and Keziah set off playing and writing some stuff on paper.

By lunch time, Amrith was back. Ajit and Julie were packed and left by 1:00 p.m. to catch the Matsyagandha at 1.:35 pm. Came to know from Amrith later that the train was delayed by about 20 minutes.

The afternoon was spent just catching up on sleep. Woke and went to get the much needed waxing and pampering that I wanted.

Sunday morning, went for mass. And then set off for Haleangadi to Richie uncle's place. Picked up Mai, Reena, Dilisha, Errol and Eric on the way. Had a fun time there. Wimpy and Deepak uncle joined in just as we sat down for lunch. It was nice being there once more and watch the kids go nuts on their cycles and play some games which I couldn't figure out.

It was felt good talking to Richie uncle after such a long time.

After lunch dropped Wimpy at the bus stop to Moodbidri and then Dilisha and Mai at Mai's place. The puppy and the goats there got Joel pretty excited. It was fun hearing him calling out to the goats as 'Bo-ki-di'. Started back to Urwa.

After dropping Joel at home in Urwa, went to Baby Town, picked up a baby gift and set off to Brian's place. Veena looked well after the delivery. The baby girl looked tiny, cute and as fierce as Brian :)

After that short visit, a step into the cyber cafe to check on some property sites and a meal at Yo! China.

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