Friday, July 13, 2007

Here comes the weekend

Sis has shifted to Bangalore yesterday. She'll be home tomorrow. I hope to meet her during the weekend. If not, missed opportunity.

I'm most probably staying at home in Udupi on Monday. Hope that time is sufficient to get Joel and Kezu reacquainted. With Ajit and Julie around, I hope that all's well and my temper and tongue are kept in constant check.

On the workfront, Anitha's getting a transfer to Mysore, finally! I can't figure out why, what, how of what's happened till date with her. Should enlighten my boss that he needs to be a lot more careful and prepared in his dealing with everyone. Got informal feedback from a project person that he cuts a very sorry figure. This morning one more person wasn't very happy that he was anchoring Minfy Scholars.

I'd like to defend the guy but he makes it impossible for anyone to stay happy with him.

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