Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Marriage Market by Nisha Minhas

If you've read any of Nisha's books, this one too ain't much different from the rest. Till date, I've read 2 of her books:
1. Saris & Sins
2. Passions & Poppadoms.

It's always a setting between a North Indian family (Sikhs) settled abroad - England as far as the 3 books I've read.There's always a struggle between the older generation, current generation and the culture shock, culture mix - leading to confusion and sorting out.

Her writing style isn't enticing or great but yeah there's plenty of laughs. Though sometimes there's also some enlightenment about certain practices and traditions. And it's always about the current generation Indian girl facing a dilemna about what to do and how to do it right when there's plenty of wrong doing or guilt.

The books would make time-pass movies if directed well. A few did reminds me of some Bollywood movies and movies like Bend it like Beckham (I hope I spelt his name right).

In this book is a lady Jeena Gill - 27 years old, Sikh upbringing and background, working for Asian Delight as a writer of the Agony Aunt column. She's in love with Aaron (that's Ron with the Alcoholics Anonymous in the beginning) Myles who's English and teaches Japanese martial arts instructor. He's also a major Bruce Lee fan.

Jeena's parents catch Jeena having sexual intercourse with Aaron at their place and decide to send her home to India for her punishment. Jeena wriggles out the deportment by getting married to Aaron. The deal between the two is to stay married for a year. By that time Jeena's image would have been sufficiently tarnished that she'd be free to live her life on her own terms and not be bothered by the Asian mainly Indian Sikh community.What happens during that year of marriage is the main story of the book. Not going to tell you about it. Read it if you're bored and have loads of time on hand to while away.

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