Thursday, August 09, 2007


He's not been well for a while now. Last Monday (30th July) had to rush to Kerala with Amrith to talk him into returning home. When we reached there, we discovered that he was in no state to be talked to. He was lying down without able to speak much or move at all. Was scared that he was on his death bed.

That night he was hospitalized. By Wednesday, the doctor informed us that there's been a bleeding in his brain and that we could move him to Manipal via ambulance. He was stable enough to be shifted. And so we started back to Manipal on Wednesday night, close to 12 midnight.

Thur morning saw us in Manipal and Acha definitely feeling better. He was trying to talk his way out of getting admitted to KMC, Manipal. He gave Amrith a hard time.

In the meanwhile, I took the luggage home and had a refreshing bath. Returning back to the hospital showed how much Acha had improved. His mind was working great but not his body. So he lost a bet with me and had to agree to stay in the hospital.

Dr. Chakravarthi was the doctor attending to him. A good doc who handles Acha real well. Even Acha's all praise for him.

All of us were looking forward to Acha being released from hospital care yesterday. 'Fate' had other things in store. Acha's scheduled to have an operation by next week.

Not very happy about it. In the meanwhile, I've had a few conversations with him that have taken the blinds off my eyes. I don't think I'll be able to keep a good rapport with him. I know I should and will definitely try even though it's been a few lies that I've come to know about.

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