Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alive alright!

By Friday evening, I simmered down to the extent that I could joke about my 'angry woman' face. Had decided not to do anything or talk to anyone about it. But just let it be and do what I was expected to do. Then look at my situation again and see if it still needed to 'fixed'.

I looked forward to the longish weekend (since Monday is an off for 'Thiru Onam') of doing nothing but reading, watching a little TV, talking to Acha and generally doing nothing important.

By the time Amrith, Joel and I reached home at Udupi, we were greeted with a locked door with lights on inside. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

Tried contacting Kala. Her phone was at home. Finally got through to Joe and came to know that:
  • Acha had been passing urine and stools without his knowledge
  • had turned pretty weak, with his legs buckling every time he tried to stand straight.
  • he'd been taken to Hi Tech hospital.
We rushed there to see him alright but something definitely seemed out of place. As usual, Acha seemed to let me know what he felt but never opened up to Joe or Kala. And there he was telling the doc that he wasn't feeling 'alright' since morning.

Amrith and Joe took him to KMC after that while Joel and I came home. The trio returned close to 12 in the night and we thought that Sat only had a routine check up in store.

Acha seemed fine on Sat morning. Amrith left for college. After his bath, took Acha to the Neuro OPD. After a longish wait, a Dr. Singh came to his bedside and instructed a scan. Getting ready to move him, we met Dr. Raja and he asked that Acha be admitted. With no other go, we did thinking it was just another routine checkup. By eod last evening, surgery had been placed on the table.

Today seems a long wait just to know how things are.

As of last night, the misery I felt related to work got a different perspective after speaking to ex-boss (G). Though I had never wanted to tell him of all people, I blurted out the entire story. I still feel I shouldn't have.

Had a weird dream that Joel arm was eaten from the inside. I could see the inside and it looked painful and ugly. Was thinking why didn't Joel scream from pain or say anything and felt nauseated from the sight. That's when I woke up. Checked that Joel was fine.

A while later, the cupboard overhead near the bed opened and a box of tools dropped down. This morning while inspecting, noticed that there's a latch and the cupboard was locked, yet this thing dropped.

I feel this is a sign of warning. An omen. Of what? About what? I have no clue.

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