Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Death is inevitable

Since I'd taken an off from work on Friday, 10th August, 2007, I was able to do justice to going between Manipal and Urwa for 3 whole days.

Friday morning drove to the hospital along with dad, mom and Joel. I stayed back at the hospital till evening after sending Joel with dad & mom back to Urwa. That night reached home around 10 pm

Saturday was spent in buying rations for home in Udupi and a few hours at the hospital. With the Big Bazaar having a discount sale going on from 11th to 15th August, the Udupi joint that had recently opened up is packed from afternoon onwards. Thanks to Amrith, we managed to get a few more things for the house. Reached hom at 9 pm.

Sunday, had to pick up Ajit from the airport. His flight - Air Deccan was delayed by about an hour. We drove to Udupi and then to the hospital after he had a meal and freshened up. That night decided to stay back in Udupi since Acha's operation had been scheduled on the following day.

While driving back with Amrith, Joe and Kala, we witnessed an accident of 2 bikes colliding into each other. I'm still not clear as to how it happened. All I remember is that one guy seemed very hurt from the accident with his leg twisted at an odd angle at his knee, a trickle of blood from his mouth and a little pulsing movement by his whole body. I felt so helpless to see him and not be able to do anything to ease his pain or provide the necessary first aid treatment.

There was a doc close by who helped take the 2 critically injured guys to the hospital. Came to know this morning that the guy I saw died due to delayed medical treatment.

I know that death will come and visit me one day. Before that day arrives I'd like to finish a few things and be prepared to meet it with open arms.

1. See that Joel is well equipped and able to stand on his own feet
2. Do a course in paramedics and never feel so helpless again
3. Acknowledge that God is the only one who is the giver of life. And to Him I must return with willingness and with my 'talents' used.

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