Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence Day

Had been to Udupi on Tue evening. Amrith picked us up from Suratkal. Drove to the hospital and just waited near the ICU. For sure we (Joel and I) weren't going to be allowed into the unit.

Came to know of Dr. Raja who gives the medical profession a bad name. Till then had just heard that he existed. Now I knew he demanded money and then treated his patients. Way to go Mr. Neuro Surgeon. Slap those people real hard that they don't come to you again.

What does one do about such doctors?
  • Write about them?
  • Ask NDTV or CNN IBN to do a 'live scoop' on them?
  • Give them bad publicity?
  • Hold the hospital management responsible?

Heck! Becoz of his ego, one of his own hospital's employees died and the blame is now put on Dr. C who's treating Acha.

We are independent. aren't we!!

On Wed evening Amrith dropped Joel and me at Haleangadi. Met Naomi for the first time after her wedding and her sons Jonah and Noah for the first time. Also met Aunt Emy, Deepa, Navin and Evita. Good to see them. Hope to capture them on camera tomorrow when they come visiting at Urwa.

Joel enjoyed Jonah's company :)

Came to know from Joe that Acha has been brought to the ICU today.

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