Thursday, May 27, 2010

My wishlist

I have to write this down else I’m going to forget I ever wanted it :)


-          Books – plenty of them and mostly fiction though I’m not averse to non-fiction. Seen them on Barnes and Noble and then again on Flipkart and Landmarkonthenet and so many other online stores. I think I’ll have to create a ‘Buy Books’ fund. Besides the Eragon series, Twilight seems like a probable next in line to buy. Percy Jackson or Percy something too. It’s Complicated looks like an interesting read.

-          Talking about funds, travel fund has been on the list for a long time. But nothing’s come of it yet. A fund to save up and spend on a lonesome ownsome vacation once a year. A trip to Jaipur, Nepal, Himalayas, Leh, Mauritius, Australia, Miami (just for the beach), Scotland, and so many more.

-          Shoes – a pair to just loaf around in, a pair for those I’ve got through sit through this boring events, a pair that’d match every outfit in my wardrobe and a pair that I’d love to slip on anytime and walk for the sheer pleasure of wearing them

-          Earrings – developed a liking for them recently – from anytime wear to match-the-outfit or occasion kinds. Need a decent pair of earrings for the office. Gold earrings are strict no no’s.

-          Music – I never can do without this. I guess another fund for this too. Even though I can download most of the music that I want, I’d still like to have all those singers and music I like listening to on CDs or DVDs or whichever latest fashionable way of storing

-          The one thing that I don’t require a fund for :) – Lose inches. And keep those lost inches off my frame. Step 1 in that direction has begun 2 days ago. Day 3 today and I’m looking forward to that time.


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