Friday, May 28, 2010

Apps on Nokia E72

Nokia E72 is a nice toy to fill in all those hours when I don’t know what to do with myself. Especially when the power’s gone, all the world’s asleep and I’ve woken up again for the umpteenth time. Thanks to BV telling me about a few apps. Apps downloaded till date are KJV Go Bible, Google, Fring, NGPay, ICICI Bank, Google Maps, Ovi Mail and latest one being Sports Tracker.


-          KJV Go Bible is neat enough. I wish there was something like this for books in general.

-          Google helps even with voice. Tested it a few times. Get a kick out of seeing the phone show a circular ring to show it’s processing my voice :)

-          Fring – well! If you see me online late night on messenger, know that I’m in bed and chatting.

-          NGPay – checked it out. Not had a chance to book or buy anything online using this.

-          ICICI Bank – app worked great initially when I installed it. Now it’s gone to app heaven. RIP ICICI.

-          Google Maps – same fate as ICICI Bank

-          Ovi Mail – installed a few days before sports tracker. I know it works. Just that I’m too lazy to shift all contacts to this.

-          Sports Tracker – will test it out this evening. If it is as good as what BV told me, he’s in for a treat.


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