Monday, May 24, 2010


Echoing Garfield when I say this ‘I HATE MONDAYS!’. Though at work everyday seems like a Monday.


The weekend has not gone off well. The AI crash at Mangalore airport on Saturday morning was a shocker. It’s difficult not to think about it. Thankful for the uninterrupted television viewing on Sunday evening. Watched ‘Twilight’. Heard about the book series. Got to buy the set for myself now. Waiting for Shrutgal too so that I can buy that and Brisingr to complete my Eragon collection. Current read is Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer.


A week now till school re-opens. Still haven’t got Joel’s new uniform in place. Leah still has time till next June. Heard about ABACUS which is supposed to make 0-4 year kids geniuses. I wonder how they manage to do that. Really weird. And what would Mangalore do with so many wonder kids.

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