Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Changes and then some

Been in a state of limbo for quite some time now. Didn’t know whether I was going or coming. Couldn’t decide about a few situations and things. I’m not sure if I’m out of it yet, but I hope there’s better days ahead. Been cleaning up my web presence on social networking sites. Those I would like to stay in touch with feature on those sites now. If I can’t, then out they go without a thought. No regrets there since I know where I’ll be able to find them if I ever need them :). Effects of this are seen at my workplace too. My communicator list has zero contacts on it. Slowly edging towards removing the extras from my workplace too. By this month end, library should have a new look (big time hope provided I don’t get lazy about it).


Joel, Leah,

Wanted to tell you 2 things today. Someday when you read this I hope it makes sense.


If ever you two wonder whether you were adopted. The answer is no :). I used to wonder about me being adopted and then I hoped I was adopted (still do sometimes lol). But no, I’m not adopted. And neither are both of you.  You are very much a part of me.


The other thing I wanted to tell you is that every day you learn something new. It’s a process we all go through. And then there are days we have a reminder or have to re-learn something which we’ve either forgotten or didn’t care to pay attention to. The moment you realize you’ve had to learn or re-learn, be thankful becoz that’s one big huge blessing. How and why? I don’t have the answers to these bits. However, do know this that although it may not help you solve the issue or problem you face, you have been equipped with the mind, heart and soul to deal with life and all it throws at you. Don’t forget to thank God for this big time.


(( Love you both ))

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