Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rough day and night

Yesterday was hell. I hope it never repeats again. Started off ok but the more I got into my day I hated it. By night I was too exhausted and drained emotionally and mentally. To add to it was a cold and cough to ensure I didn’t get much sleep either.
High points of yesterday:
  • A user confirming my Advanced Help Desk request with a positive and encouraging comment.
  • Attending Iftaar party in office with Anitha and Deepthi. Picked up 2 packets of chicken biryani for home.
  • Being able to complete a few tasks at work which were long pending including sorting through the books selected for library during exhibition time.
Low points of yesterday:
  • Pushing myself beyond limits at home and still getting to hear about ‘it’
  • Joel and his crankiness
  • Sis and her attitude
  • No time to get in touch with myself and unwind peacefully
  • Rotten stupid idiotic thoughts
Not sure how I’m going to get through today. I feel totally crushed and squeezed on the inside. Knowing Deep and anitha they’re definitely going to pester me about what’s bugging me. Don’t want to whine, crib and complain. I’ve had enough.
In the meanwhile, do dad’s stitches on the tongue qualify dad to have a black mark on the tongue?


RZD said...

Hey Veena, I've been reading your posts. Take care, it sure will get better.

harry said...

It took me 54000 aec to search your blog :)

Now going to read your posts one by one...

Harry Potter said...

Liked it :)