Friday, September 19, 2008

Life during the 8th month

I’m so happy to find this: Will work on converting all the .3gp video clippings I have of Joel and a few instances. Prob is that I don’t know where to store the converted files. Home comp needs to be upgraded. Got to reminder Narendra to send me the blessed quotes for the comp with different configurations.
Personal loan was closed during the beginning of Sept. So that’s about 2.5k saved a month. Can direct that fund into paying off home loan or making the amount grow bit faster. I’m more for the second option Got to talk to Colaco and find out what strategy to follow.
If all goes well, within a month after delivery, I guess Amrith and I will finally move into the flat. Hoping that Amrith’s final interview in Bangalore works out. If it does, then I guess life should be a little less of a financial struggle but a whole lot more juggling on the home front.
At work, although I have no issues with anyone I just feel like I should be doing more. The prob is that I have no enthu to do it. Decided that I’m going to take an extended maternity leave of a month. After that I think I’ll take up the part time work policy for a year. 5 hours for 5 days a week doesn’t sound bad even though it’s half pay. Especially since the 5 hours include a 30 minutes lunch break :).
Talking about food, hubby and a friend constantly remind me of reducing weight after delivery. I’m fine with weight loss. I don’t want to complain of aches and pains before I turn 40. For that matter even after 40 I’d rather be able to enjoy a brisk walk or quickly climbing stairs without panting and puffing. The only concern I have this time is what if this is another C baby. I hated the first C I had.
Can Nov 20th come soon please? If the baby wants to come out sooner that’s fine with me too.

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