Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dreams again

In a span of 4 hours (3:00 AM to 7:00 AM), I’ve had 3 weird and kind of scary dreams this morning.
Dream 1:
BV is in Mangalore. And we’re taking a local bus ride to I don’t know where. I can see the bus approaching Ladyhill stop. And I know that I’ll have to get off at that stop. I have my helmet in hand. BV will continue onward. He’s telling me about some person from Kashmir coming down to Mangalore for treatment of cancer or something serious like that which I can’t recollect correctly right now. I was wondering about 2 things:
1. Why am I holding my helmet if I’m in a bus. Vaguely remember that I think I parked my vehicle in Fr. Mullers Hospital parking lot.
2. Why should a person from Kashmir come to Mangalore when there are so many other hospitals better equipped to deal with his disease. Is he Mangalorean or something happening in Mangalore that I’m unaware of?
Dream 2:
This one has a serial killer in it.
Near the water front, a sea I think. Clean beach and sands. Not very populated. A group of girls or ladies are playing and enjoying their vacation. A guy drives up in his jeep and asks for ‘Anita’. Anita is dark haired when the rest are blonde. And she and I know that this guy is out to get her. He’s not going to harm the other ladies. Just her. The ladies help her to get on to some bike which appears out of nowhere and she’s riding away to save her life. The guy chases her in his jeep.
Scene changes to a water fall which she has to cross using the old wooden bridge. Her bike’s not going to take the weight of her and her bike. Yet she rides on with the hope that if she ever makes it to the other side, the guy can’t follow her since he can’t follow her in a jeep. When she almost reaches the end of the bridge, it breaks. She’s clinging on to the bridge and climbing up. Bike’s fallen into the river below and washed away.
How do I know the guy’s a serial killer? No idea. I just know it. And so does she. And I can see her and him clearly. I’m just hoping they can’t see me. Especially him.
Dream 3:
Serial killer of Dream 2 and a shark in this one.
Serial killer is sitting in the house of an old friend (old man) who has a very young daughter (teenager). The house is situated a little into the sea above water. Old man is sitting at a hole in his house fishing. Serial killer is relaxing on the porch above hole and chatting with old man. Serial killer notices a shark under old man’s feet. Shark gobbles up old man and serial killer does not bother warning him. Teenage daughter comes searching for her dad. She’s a blonde with her hair in plaits. She reaches the hole and notices her dad isn’t around. She looks up at serial killer and is suddenly afraid of him. Serial killer notices blood on her right shoulder. This brings about a deadly change in him,
Woke up at this juncture. For the record, I have not been watching any horror movies or reading any horrible stuff. Drinking is out of the question.

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