Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do I or do I not?

Been thinking about whether I should give up the one I love most or not. Haven’t decided yet. Not an easy decision to make. How did I reach this stage? I’m tired of being plagued by these crazy, irritating, bugging and stupid thoughts that just jump out of nowhere and steal my peace.
On the pregnancy front, met doc last evening. She’s asked me to get my ultrasound done sooner than later i.e. by 30th September. A physician check too ordered after Monday’s bout of 2 hours of feeling faint and out of sorts. The weather sucks. The heat’s making me feel more miserable. My back aches more often than not. I’m one kg less than what I weighed finally when I was carrying Joel. The thought of putting on any more scares me more than anything else. This baby’s definitely a boy going by the way it’s been kicking and trying to play football inside. The bright side of this visit was that the doc said I’m due on 18th instead of 20th Nov. Now that cheers me up immensely since I want to have this baby in this world sooner than later.
On home front, Amrith’s got a chance at a job with a reputed firm in Bangalore. He’s also giving a shot at immigration to Canada. Costs about Rs. 8 lakhs in all. Whichever happens first is the lifetime achievement winner. Udupi house is for sale for sure. I’m tired of the back and forth discussions. If all works well, hope to say goodbye to Udupi by Oct end. And hello to the flat by Nov/Dec end.
Joel’s learning a lot of rhymes and songs at school. The new book has been scribbled in. He loves getting his hands on a pen and book and then scribbling all over it. If it’s not that, then cut the book into pieces. Not sure whether we’d have to purchase book 3 before the year end. Got to hide those scissors, knives and match sticks.
Dad had a minor operation on the tip of his tongue yesterday. He’s been discharged today and he’s back to nagging BSNL about their lousy broadband service. Good old dad!

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