Friday, October 12, 2007

It's finally happening

Yesterday the papers were all submitted to Corp Bank. Now just waiting for the whole loan to be processed and the precious money to be credited to my account. Amrith got an unexpected holiday due to an ex-chief minister of Karnataka passing away. So HURRAY!

After that another 2 steps and the flat at Golden Empire is all mine.

In the meanwhile, for the past 3 days I've been working with a production unit at work on a fashion show piece. Initially I'd thought of trying the belly dancing on stage. In the end, I chickened out just because I felt I'm too huge to fit into hired costumes. Didn't want to hear a team disappointment. However, it gave me immense pleasure that my choreography based on Youtube videos proved fruitful. My students did well on stage.

The only dampener was the rain that poured. Oh well! at least this time it was a real rain dance :)

We won the third spot for the Fashion Show and here I am sitting and typing about it. Tired but very happy.

Have called up home to check on Joel. A few cupboards to lock and then I'm heading to my baby.

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