Monday, October 15, 2007

12 hours and beyond

Was in Bharat Mall last evening with Joel and mom. Was just goofing around the place with no intention to buy anything. Just looking around. The crowd as usual was turning heavy due to the weekend + festival offers.

Stopped by the cosmetic counter at Big Bazaar for the first time ever since I've been going there. Was checking out the lip colors on sale. Street Wear was attractive with it's packaging and range of lip colors. However, my eyes spotted Maybelline and I thought 'Why not! let's try it out.'

The lady applied a shade to the my palm and said that it was guaranteed to stay on for 12 hours. And then went on to apply 3 other shades. During this time my mind was trying to decide whether I wanted a color to stay on for more than an hour.

Told the sales lady, I'd check if her guarantee was working and then come back to buy it if the shade did last.

It's almost 24 hrs since and the shade hasn't rubbed off. Not even with me trying to scrub it off.

What the heck do they put in lipsticks and lip colors these days?

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