Monday, October 01, 2007

A few more people

I finally got to meet a Friendorama pal - Ganesh. Not what i expected. Blame it on a pic he'd kept as his visual on google talk. He was kind enough to drop me off to office all the way from Madivala. Heck! next time I'll learn to stock up my pockets with a little more cash.

Met AK too. He's put on a bit more 'fat' since I last saw him. Limited time with friends is a curse. Next time I shall make sure I'm out on my own so that I can do justice to all the people that I'd like to meet up with.

I've said goodbye to Friendorama but not without meeting 3 people there. Ganesh, of course, is the first on the list. The others are Brad - in an events management company and Anthony - into HR and head hunting. Let's see how these relationships grow. I sure hope I have these guys as good friends for life.

The good part about Bangalore:
- I got to buy 3 pairs of chappals for Rs. 300. I'm glad. I'm wearing one pair today and they are a real treat for my feet.
- Met AK after a very long time. Hoping to see his little baby once he/she is born
- Loved walking around Commercial on my own. Never will set foot there again unless I need another 3 pairs of footwear :)

The bad part about Bangalore:
- I still don't like the water
- The place still makes me feel sick and yucky
- The place is still as artificial as ever
- Please don't let me drive around that place. I'd rather walk or let someone else do the driving.

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