Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Water babe

Well I'm not a water babe. I love the water but haven't learnt to swim till I signed up for the swimming classes last week. Since then I've learnt to bubble when under water, hold my breath and become a mushroom (weird thing to call the posture), float on water with head in water and now trying to learn to propel myself forward using my hands and feet.
Coach Vidya also is trying to get us get over our fear for deep waters by making us straight jump into 10 feet water and come up by cycling (I call it kicking because I do seem to kick more than cycle) and try to stay afloat.
Fear of water is slowly going away. I guess I'll be really happy when I've actually learnt to swim without breaks and increased stamina considerably to become an amateur swimmer. In the meantime, if I lose inches waist below and lose all those extra kgs I've accumulated over a period of 5 years, all the better.
Noticed that I sleep better now. Don't mind the tan. Got a cream to take care of the burns. And I sure hope to continue swimming for a very long time. :)


RZD said...

Congrats Veena, swimming is something that's been on my to-do for far too long... don't think I'll clear it in the near future though!

Veena said...

Thanks Roweena. I'd say go for it when you can. It's worth it. It helps a lot in different ways. :)