Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leah turns over :)

It's 3 days since I learnt that I've been rated as below average by my dear boss. It's a nasty shock. Would love to say more here about how I feel and what I think of the boss man. But not going to do so.

Instead I'm going to concentrate on the good that's been happening in my life. It's 10 days since I've started learning how to swim. Today's got me so exhausted that I could barely move my feet. With a little rest and Leah's entertainment, felt good enough to get dressed and come to My Favorite CyberCafe to check on mails and of course post this.

At 3:05 pm today, Leah finally was able to turn on to her tummy without anyone's help. I guess all the coaching and encouragement from Kala and Dad helped her. Now that she knows that she can turn, she keeps trying to do so whenever she's awake. No more placing her alone on beds anymore.

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