Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Marching on

Been busy at home. It's school for Joel, groceries, provisions, bills to be paid...etc.etc on most weekdays. Rest of the time I don't know what to do with myself. Hence become a member at a local library. Came across a writer who studied in Mangalore and is nuts when it comes to writing. Reading his book 'The Revised Kama Sutra'. Check out his blog ( when possible. Have already told the library to get complete sequels of fantasy fiction books. Can you believe they have part 2 of a book and not 1 and 3 in a triology? That gets me real mad. They haven't even purchased Brisingr (3rd books Christopher Paolini's dragon story). Trying to gather my courage and finally join up swimming classes at the local pool here. Don't know where I'm going to find a swim suit that's going to fit me. Most of the time I've seen suit sizes about 10 times smaller than I am. Sheesh! I didn't know skinny was in again!

V day went on ok in Mangalore. This year heard that one couple finally got married thanks to Rama Sene. They couldnt' afford to get married so happily dipped into Rama Sene's funds. Good for them. In the meanwhile, I think I should get divorced and keep the kids and claim for maintenance or something like that. I see myself as a single mom now. It's a major change from the view I had when I was in high school which is unmarried till I meet the right guy. Learnt there is no right guy. But kids are a reality. If I do meet someone in the meanwhile when in my single mom state I think I'll tell him to stay where he is and indulge in a long distance romance. No more marriage for me. I've got better things to do besides become disillusioned with a 'family staying together' dream. :)
Leah will turn 4 months old on 9th Mar and she refuses to turn over on to her tummy. I don't blame the kid. She's as lazy as i feel right now. Joel will be playing the role of a monkey on his school day on 17th Mar. Last working day of school is 27th Mar. And the guy has 4 holidays in all coming up already. got to hunt for some vacation programs for him else I'll have to quit and stay at home to help the maid.

I don't believe in my wedding anniversaries any more. On my 1st one, I was pregnant with joel. 2nd one I was in hospital with Joel when he got circumcised. After that I don't remember. I think Amrith sent me a bunch of flowers once when I was at work or maybe that was for my birthday. that's abt all i can remember.

Got to post pics of the kids when I get a net connection at home. Right now I'm all for cyber cafes :)

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