Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Break Tiiiiiiyme

@ Work:

I’ve planned my work for 3 days to just do 3 things

  • Complete evaluation of the test that was conducted on Nov 29th along with posting of result to schools
  • Add all those attractive books and journals sitting on my desk and in the cupboards to the library system. Publish them to the junta at office
  • Get to up to speed with the new training and learning enabler system and stop cribbing about it being on SAP

With no pals to hang around with, I’m becoming a workaholic. Thankfully gtalk is not yet blocked on the network. A virtual social life is better than none.

@ Home:

- Thethu still has exams going on. Waiting for her to finish and then do something useful with herself. It’ll help keep her temper and tongue in check :)

- Leah’s learnt to scream that high pitched scream. I’m thankful I’m not at home when she gets into her screaming fits

- Joel finally got his school identity card. It looks real neat. Sigh! My baby boy’s looking so grown up with that tag around his neck.

@ Neither of these places:

- I wish for lots of music CDs and all those songs I used to love listening to but just don’t have the time or can’t get my hands on to. Grooveshark’s nice but then I can’t sit at the comp at home for more than 10 minutes in a week.

- I wish for meeting old friends and catching up on their lives. Miss the agnesangels. Facebook and Orkut helps but not much.

- I wish for plenty of gifts that will make me smile every time I see them. (Santa are you listening?)

- I wish for no more heart aches

- I wish for good health to every kid born and yet to be born

- I wish for … sigh! This wish list is never going to end :)

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Rashmi said...

- I wish for … sigh! This wish list is never going to end :)
=> So so so very true :)