Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No sugar

Dr. Malathi asked to me get some tests done. Got the results last evening. Everything's fine and normal. I'm breathing with a huge sigh of relief. Now it's just the weight thing that worries me. Though exhaustion hasn't gone away. Noticed that I'm fine from the time I wake up till around 10:00 AM. After that it's a see-saw of moods and energy levels. Both haven't been high at any point of time.

I'm prone to cry more easily now. Keep having unpredictable mood swings. 2 incidents that still shake me up:

1. The evening I thought Joel had an electric shock. Turned out to be my dad switching off the mains and the house being plunged into darkness. I was resting at that time and all I had heard was a crack and then Joel crying in the darkness. Was so relieved to know that nothing happened to him.

2. Amrith telling me he had a ear bleed. The idiot used a fork to clean out his ear wax.

Sometimes I think that everyone's out to make sure I don't rest or sleep. At the other times feel like there's some major conspiracy to make as uncomfortable as possible. And neither is definitely intentional. What the heck! this pregnancy is not as smooth as the first time. I might as well get used to it and stop being paranoid!

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