Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Memories of Samavesh - Part 2

Venue for the band was Food Court (FC) 2. Could hear a few songs on my walk to the FC. Jitters again. I reached there in time to hear the introduction to judges as well as know the judging criteria. Attitude on stage was one of them. Now how does one do that while playing a keyboard? Oh well! I'd leave that to fellow band members. We were no. 6 in the list and each performance before ours made me think I shouldn't go up there.

YANTRA (Yet Another Night To Rock Away) performing

I was right. I messed up the first song's scale. After that, I went into this auto pilot mode and just played. It didn't sound the way I wanted it to. But hey! it's not for lack of trying to get the blessed organisers to give us a slot to practice which wasn't after midnight or trying to practice with no sound. One of the lead singers was low. And it's because me his song got messed up. How does one explain that and the fact that not a single other band member made it to the sound check that morning.

Meeting 3 people after the event and each asking me the same questions made me feel like I was responsible for the whole mess. I felt real rotten. Met Giri and his wife, Latha too. And I couldn't keep up a pleasant face. So excused myself and headed out of the campus. Thanks to Ashwin being around that Sat. We headed to the lake so that I could have my 'water therapy'. We walked the entire distance around the lake. By the end of it all, I was back to normal but still in no mood to face the music. Thought of heading to some other place when Giri called.

I owed Giri and Latha an apology. So Ashwin and I headed to Cubs, a nice little pastry corner, and met Giri and Latha there. I don't remember how long we sat there, but I remember that the conversation never stopped, neither did we stop smiling or laughing throughout.

By the time we parted ways, I felt good as new. But there was this one side of me that never wanted the night to end. So bull dozed Ashwin into promising that we go to Hookah or Purple Haze if he completed his personal work by 10 that night.

By the time I was back on campus, Samavesh's DJ night had begun. Located my team mates and joined in the dancing. The DJ was good. Though I don't understand why DJ's keep playing Hindi or regional songs only. Very few English numbers.

By the end of the DJ night, Ashwin was through with his work. And we headed off to Hookah. My first time to a disc. I wasn't sure of what to expect. Low lights and all yes. But the smell of cigarettes threw me off completely. Once inside, the place got my attention. A football match on the TV, folks sitting along the bar side and opposite, a crowd on the dance floor, pleasant temperature, and the waiters dressed as Egyptian as they could get.
Left Ashwin to handle the drinks and the food since he was a regular there. It took me a while to get used to the place and let myself flow with the music. This time a good mix of Hindi and English songs were played. Some I hadn't heard in ages too.
I guess Hookah would be the best memory of Samavesh 2008 for me.

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