Monday, March 10, 2008

Memories of Samavesh 2008 - Part 1

First reaction was panic when I came to know we'd be travelling by the Volvo to Mysore. No amount of pleading helped to let me take a non-Volvo bus to Mysore. Besides this inital bad start, I looked forward to playing Throwball. A week before travelling to Mysore had me practicing throwball on the courts in the evenings and getting roped into being a part of the Music band and Mad-Ads group.
Before leaving Mangalore Campus
On the bus
The journey to Mysore was as I thought it might be. The bus that was to pick us up arrived late. Slight headache due to the closed space. Threw up during the journey. Plus a road block just to make sure we were truly the last team to arrive on the Infy Mysore campus. Dinner was wasn't great. After which, went to the room and gave my roomie (Jyothsna Patro) a head start to using the amenities in the room.
11:00 PM at the Reception Block, Infosys Campus, Mysore

The Ladies of the team

Next day had me groaning because I didn't want to wake up, forget be on time for the Opening Ceremony. The only portion of the opening speech I remember is that the guy said that this event could be called the Olympics of Infosys. Met quite a few old Mangalore Infy faces who have now been posted to other DCs - Amlan, Sridhar, Ashok and met another Infy blogger from Chennai too - Viswa.

The first day had me going around the campus cheering my team in various events starting with basketball. Didn't have any of my events on the first day. End of first evening, played throwball with a few Pune, Mysore and Bbsr ladies. Then went and watched the dance programme. Awesome performances. Just that, I think 2 dances from so many teams feels like a major overdose. Don't know how the judges survived the event.

Throwball Team

Crashed out early so that I could wake up fresh and early for my first event of day 2 - throwball. First game against Pune went off pretty well. Smooth walkover. The lady from iBPO gave the audience something to watch. She covered the court and took most of everything that came her way and even those that didn't. The only thing she didn't do was a back flip, I guess. Match against Bangalore was tough. We lost. We played Mysore for third spot. Didn't win there either. :( Had to settle for fourth spot and 20 points for our scoreboard.

Right arm was hurting pretty bad by the end of it all. Thanks to Synergy's tug-of-war. Was in bad mood by the time I walked to the venue of my next event - Mad Ads.

Mad-Ads event was held in the Multiplex. Mukund was a major help. Carried the keyboards and set it up for me so that I didn't have to strain my arm. Glad to watch my team on stage. They did a neat job of advertising the "Lucky Lungi".

From there, headed back to the room after lunch and changed for the Music band.

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