Tuesday, September 04, 2007

O When the Saints, Go Marching In

This hymn/song matches my mood exactly. Been marching to a different beat at work since last week. My department's newsletter is ready to be rolled out.The library's getting re-arranged.
  • The dumped books have been shelved.
  • Weeding of unused books happens this week.
  • Old journals have already been moved to a storage cupboard allocated for my department
  • Got to add a whole bunch of domain related books
  • CDs get shifted cupboard
  • And fast moving books will be placed in the cupboards closer to me.

Here's what I face sometimes:

Desk phone rings
Me: Library
Caller: Hello, is it Veena?
Me: Yes. How may I assist you?
Caller: Are you at your desk?

Try keeping the laughter out of your voice while replying to this question :)

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