Friday, September 07, 2007

House hunting

The prices of land and houses don't seem like they are going to come down at any point in the near future.

Finding a place that fits within my meagre budget seems like a dream.

Last Saturday there were quite a few places Amrith & I checked out. I loved the flat in Lalbagh - spacious, ventilated. However it was located on the 9th floor. Definite no-no on days when the lift is under maintenance and you have to travel up 9 floors with grocery bags.

Milagres Castle too looked like a nice spot. Though this time 6th floor and the balcony's overlooking the busy Hampankatta road. Definite no-no if Mangalore's placed under curfew.

Then met Sumanth, Amrith's colleague's bro-in-law. Surprised to meet a familiar face once more. Nabin's housemate during college years. He took us to a few places of Apoorva Constructions.

All in all, either the cost is too high or the location's lousy. Will we ever get to see the place we'd like to move into?

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