Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another insignificant day in my life

It's a normal day. Loads of things to do. And I never get around to actually doing it. My work space is a mess. Not sure when I'm going to clear it up. Hope to do so before the long weekend starts.

Weddings happening in plenty. Amrith's cousin is getting married on 28th Jan. Puttur is too far away from Udupi. And I'm too lazy to travel on a Sunday just for a wedding. Hence giving the wedding a skip. Looking forward to Aunt Merlyn and her family dropping in. It'd be nice to see them again. Been a while since I've corresponded with Nimmy too.

Acha should be back by Thursday. So a little family reunion time once more.

Uncle Alex hasn't improved much. Still bent on troubling Acha. Sigh! When will he ever learn and grow up.

Bought a few more things at Fabindia. Amrith finally found the capris and bush shirt he was looking for. Bought Kala a set from there too. I hope she likes it.

Thoughts at this time in life are revolving on how to lose weight. The Jane Fonda CD's have begun to gather dust. I can't seem to kick off my sleep habits and man! I'm close to weighing 85 kgs. NOT GOOD!

Kiran had called when she was here. Her son Curt is now 7 months old. Wish I could have met up with her. Hope to do so the next time she's in town.

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