Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Life and Death

Death stops life. Life cannot stop death. They cannot exist without the other.

I suppose all one can do is make a life worthy to be remembered after death. If a life has made an impact, it will be remembered beyond death. Else both are so shallow, meaningless.

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Vicky Dada said...

Very inadequate post. Life and death can exist without each other, as long as they are defined independently. At the outset, life can go on for ever, which is what immortality is about. So conceptually they can exist, but in reality they just happen to be interspersed (not related)

And Death cannot be made memorable with whatever we do in life. Only life can be remembered. But whatever we do in life, none of it can affect our death. And then, we don't really know if death is actually the end of life as such (maybe just a form of it).