Sunday, February 21, 2016


21 feb, 2016. 3:35 AM. Dream. Too many people in the Udupi house. Acha still there. Dont know abt Ajit and Amrith. Dont see Joel and Leah in dream either. Relatives and their relatives and dont know who else are there in the house. Remember seeing some old people and foreigners - ladies in specific, in their late 40's or 50's. Dark brown/blonde hair. Plain face. Dont know why I am in Udupi.

I start asking them to leave. Pushing them out. Screaming at them. No fear. They start increasing and  spreading all over the place.

Too much noise chaos and in the name of checking, too much damage caused to security, and cables and home things. Too much property destroyed.

I remember too late to call the police. Even then telephone line is not working. Every time i try calling I hear Mathew uncle voice. Vanitha the maid tells me its out of order when she had tried using it in the past.

There are still some stragglers in the house. It's evening and a few old men with Acha. Dont know what they are discussing. Acha not happy. One person with Acha is tall, old, lean - a slightly taller version of ibrahim kutty uncle. 

Woke up with a mix of fear and worry.

Is this similar to the snake dream the night before my wedding? A sign of things to come?

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