Thursday, November 11, 2010

A student... again :)

It's been quite a time since Aug 2010. A break from routine work was what I was looking for. And a break is what I did get.

Joined St. Aloysius College as a student for a short term (a year) to learn about Computer Applications. Really happy now that I did take this decision. A lot less tensed, a lot more relaxed, a lot more smiles, a lot less dark circles, a lot of time to follow what I wish to do.

Grades so far have been better than expected. :)

Thinking of taking up guitar classes next from a friend of sis.

In the meanwhile, Leah turned 2 a few days ago. The little lady is growing into a little proper lady. My mom's only woe is that she may have to keep feeding Joel till he gets married. :D

Christmas vacation may go for a toss because of the 1st sem exams. But that's ok. I'm in a Christmasy mood already and the rains haven't stopped yet. So happy me :)

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