Monday, October 20, 2008

9th month has begun

Finally into the last month of this pregnancy. I’m glad that this period is coming to an end. Frequency of visits to doc have increased to almost once a week.
On Sat, had an NST done. That seems normal. Doc also felt that baby’s now no more in a breech position. I’m glad.
Birthdays happening in plenty now at office. Rithesh celebrated his during last week of Sept. Below is team MER without Thanu in it.
Coming up next is VB’s birthday, then mine and then Girish. With that a whole cycle of MER birthdays get over. At home, it’s just mine and mom’s left. And of course, now this little one’s too. A few more birthdays among friends – BV, Cereen, AK, Nikhil. Will have to check orkut and facebook for the rest. Not great at remembering everyone’s birthdays.
Vivek will be in town during the last week of Oct and then again in Dec during Christmas time :).

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