Wednesday, July 02, 2008

An accident

Last evening was a time I hope never repeats ever again for me or for anyone.


I had to meet Anitha had Empire Mall. We were planning to buy a gift for Deepthi from Eden. Wanted to beat the rains as well as meet Anitha at 6:30 PM as we’d decided. So I started from office just after 6 pm.


Approaching the Urwa Stores junction, too many vehicles around. So slowed down a bit. Was getting annoyed at the pedestrians who chose that point to cross roads.


One man just ran across my path when there was a Maruti Van to my left. Was just getting over my instant annoyance when a little boy immediately followed suit. Braked but not sufficiently in time to avoid an impact with the kid. I almost flew off my seat and bumped stomach first into the handle bar section of my bike. The kid was sprawled on the road. I was worried that he was badly hurt or bruised. Was about to get off my bike.


The kid just got up, smiled and ran away.


For a few minutes, I was stunned on the road. For all the panic and worry that little incident caused, wanted to whack some sense into the boy. Riding after that was an effort. I’m glad he’s safe. And I know my baby’s safe too. But I still am annoyed at pedestrians who think they can use the spaces where speed breakers are to cross the road.

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